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What shall we say about Agonoize? "You either love them or you hate them" was usually the consensus. Hardly any other band knows how to polarise like the Bad Boyz from Berlin.

So, it is no surprise that the new EP once again hits the nail on the head concerning what they regard as a degenerate society. Already the opener "666 Degrees Below" unmistakably shows the direction of the upcoming album "Revelation Six Six Sick". In terms of sound and lyrics, they are still typically Agonoize, but at least with their latest "Angst ist Macht", they show that they have increased their musical range by a considerable amount, and with "Komakind”, which is included in the Klubkind mix on this EP, it becomes clear what Hellektro 2021 has to sound like. Snotty, socially critical and provocative!

This EP is rounded off by EXCLUSIVE remixes of songs that will appear on the album in their original versions. In order to make this worthy of the original songs, of course, three remixers have been chosen who couldn't be more different. Nachtmahr, Eisfabrik and the metal / NDH-based Nachtblut lend their own interpretations to the tracks.

The signs are pointing to a storm and Agonoize are setting the bar high for their forthcoming album in April. There will be blood on the dance floor!

Released Late February 2021 by Repo Records.

Track Listing:
01. 666 Degrees Below   
02. Angst Ist Macht   
03. Faux Amis (Eisfabrik Remix)
04. Komakind (Klubkind Mix)   
05. Dein Gott (Nachtmahr Remix)   
06. Komakind (Nachtblut Remix)

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