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The Unsound remixes features 17 re- versions of God Module’s most recent album. IRIS, E.S.A, SYSTEM SYN, FUNKER VOGT, VELVET ACID CHRIST, RUINED CONFLICT, Rodney Anonymous (DEAD MILKMEN/7TH VICTIM) and more put their touches to songs from „The Unsound“. GOD MODULE is a standout artist in the genre and „The Unsound Remixes“ is an exceptional accompaniment to an extraordinary album.

Released Early August 2020 by Metropolis

Track Listing:
01. Hindsight - IRIS rmx 
02. Phenomenon - AMNESTIC rmx
03. Unsound - ESA mix
04. Grey Forces-Baby Magick - STRYKER ROLL OUT rmx 
05. Display - RUINED CONFLICT rmx
06. Cross My Heart - ES23 mix
07. Unconscious - SYSTEM SYN rmx 
08. Déjà vu - WOLFTRON rmx 
09. Hindsight - REICHSFEIND rmx
10. Phenomenon - ABSYNTHE OF FAITH rmx 
11. Unsound - FINITE AUTOMATA rmx
12. Grey Forces - GHOSTFEEDER rmx 
13. Display - INVA//ID rmx
14. Cross My Heart - VELVET ACID CHRIST rmx 
15. Unconscious - FUNKER VOGT rmx
16. Déjà vu - AIRCRASH BUREAU 
17. Hindsight – Rodney Anonymous FEARS OF CHILDREN rmx

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