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After the release of two pre-singles „UFO“ and „Sorgenkind“, Infacted Recordings is proud to present the first physical collaboration with xotox and their all new double-CD studio album „Gestern“. The new album is way more rhythm based and without any compromises furthermore experimental in sound and full of emotions. xotox sounds grown up, but more powerful then ever. Modern club sounds, bass & rhythm, harshness, lead the album to melancholic deep soundscapes sometimes typical, sometimes unexpected, sometimes smooth, sometimes evil, dangerous and rough. „Gestern“ is a view into the future as well as a time travel back into today. The double CD features the full „UFO“ single as well as additional remixes and bonustracks. 27 songs t make you move, think & feel. A typical industrial release? Well, no…The album will also be released digital on all known/relevant plattforms.

Released Early May 2020 by Infacted Recordings.

Track Listing:
CD 1
01. Sorgenkind 4:22
02. Zeitgeist Baby 3:27
03. Welt-Alarm 4:04
04. Haunted 3:28
05. UFO 3:31
06. Ein Tagtraum im Regen 3:19
07. Fck you very much 3:31
08. Standing on the top of a rusty mountain 2:52
09. Zu tief 2:56
10. Wir haben die Wirklichkeit zerstört 3:28
11. Das falsche Licht 5:32
12. Die neue Normalität 3:58
13. Horizontalverschiebung 3:25
14. Keine Angst 3:40
CD 2
01. UFO 3:31
02. UFO (ES23 Remix) 3:39
03. UFO (Wesenberg Rework) 6:00
04. UFO (Plan-9 Remix by MS Gentur) 3:34
05. UFO (Probe Remix) 5:33
06. UFO (Pete Crane Remix) 4:13
07. UFO (Laermpegel Remix) 4:13
08. Wir haben die Wirklichkeit zerstört 3:28
09. Die neue Normalität (Autoclav 1.1 Remix) 3:58
10. Zeitstation Bermuda (Retro Version) 3:25
11. Wir haben die Wirklichkeit zerstört (Sven Phalanx Destroyed Reality Remix) 3:39
12. Fck you very much (Stahlschlag Remix) 4:05
13. Zeitstation Bermuda (480billion Remix) 4:55

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