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The “Eisfabrik” (Ice Factory) is similar to the Area 51: You know it exists. We can see and hear it, but do we know what's going on inside it? At least we got the first internal memo leaked from Y., a hairy employee who wants to remain unnamed. And so it happened that on the 22.11.2019 there will be a violent failure of rotation in the „Eisfabrik“: the limited 9-tracks EP 'Rotationsausfall in der Eisfabrik...

"This rotation failure can not and will not remain without any consequences", the shaggy employee explained. "After this incident, the machines reprogrammed themselves, ice crystals began to glow and the rainbow children let it snow," says Y., who works in ice block production.
Y. continues: "With „Kryothermalmusik aus der Eisfabrik“ something completely new has arisen, harmonies and sounds have been frozen together, depths and energies have merged into a genre of their own. Songs like "Deeper and Deeper", which introduces the album in an unusually dark way, "Lonely like a Wolf", "Too Late", the over five minute long extended version of "And Nothing turns", the club hit "Journey of Oblivion" and the final "White Sheet" in a cryo-thermal end time version clearly show that the functional failure of 22.11.2019 left refreshing traces. Also potential hits like "No Matter", "We don't care", which accompanies the typical electronic sound of the ice manufacturers with an acoustic guitar, "Grim Reaper" or "Opposites Collide", which shows itself with 140 bass drum kicks per minute from the harder side of the band, show unimagined sound worlds.

As Y. confirms, the 5th Eisfabrik album will be delivered in January 2020 during the 2019/20 Kryothermalfeste - Tour with Beyond Obsession and Intent:Outtake as support acts. A preview of this new album will be given prior to the official release-date on the first dates of their tour:

Released Late January 2020 by Repo Records.

Track Listing: 
01. Deeper and Deeper 
02. No Matter 
03. We Don't Care 
04. Grim Reaper 
05. Lonely Like a Wolf
06. Too Late 
07. Greetings From Far Away 
08. Journey of Oblivion 
09. And Nothing Turns (Extended)
10. Back Home 
11. Opposites Collide 
12. White Sheet (Kryothermalversion)

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