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Frozen Plasma: PAKT CD


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Special project release by Frozen Plasma feat. 10 established scene musicians/ vocalists as guest singers!  It's not that often that a project by an established artists gains that big waves prior to the set releasedate. We live in a time of „America first“, a time of „Me first“ idealists. We believe that working together only exists in our own little micro cosmos. The micro cosmos gives safety but loneliness right in the middle of the endless universe. What makes human special is our curiosity. The motivation to discover new things, dreaming about the impossible. Who stops dreaming, does not try the adventure, gets lost.

Out of this idea „Pakt“ was born. „Together we are one“ is the aim! Vasi Vallis did ask various people to get on board of this project. The idea, let a singer choose and sing one favorite Frozen Plasma song of their choice and give it his own charismatic voice. 10 songs, 10 artists, one scene.

Released 2019 by Infacted Recordings.

Track Listing:
01. Foolish Dreams feat. Thomas Lesczenski (S.I.T.D.)
02. Murderous Trap feat. Xavier Morales (Ruined Conflict)
03. Stare at the Moon feat. Paul (The Saint Paul)
04. Saving this Moment feat. Charly Barth-Ricklefs (Eisfabrik)
05. King of Pain feat. Casi (RROYCE)
06. Maniac feat. Jimmy Machon (Lights of Euphoria)
07. Earthling feat. Dennis Schober (Solitary Experiments)
08. Hypocrite feat. Daniel Pad (ES23)
09. Faith over your Fear feat. André Steinigen (VERSUS)
10. Haunting Memories feat. Nils Upahl (Beyond Obsession)

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