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Tolchock: WORLD OF TOLCHOCK 1997-2017 (LIMITED) CD


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Coming in a limited [500 copies] Gatefold Cardboard Sleeve with 8 page booklet! TOLCHOCK has created their own electronic world for several years. They’ve never been easy to describe... because they often and often mix elements from many different music genres. EBM, Techno-Trash, Crossover, Rave-Metal ... Synth? You may call it what you want. TOLCHOCK Usually describes their music as physical machine music.

From the beginning of the mid-80s as the obscure band Tolchock 14, they have taken a crooked road through various record companies and self-released music, but determined to never compromise on their music. They have released a number of albums that received great reviews, They have been honored and promised future careers. But then it has not really been… And in the name of honesty it does not matter. Creating and making music has been the driving force and will always be at the center.

This album is an attempt to merge TOLCHOCK's musical act ... or rather pick gold-grains out of it. If you have not heard TOLCHOCK in the past, hopefully, it will be a positive awakening that you might have missed something. This album is a guide into the world of TOLCHOCK. Take a hard grip ... and prepare for a ride !!

Released 2018 by Energy Rekords.

Track Listing:
01. Kicks RMX  
02. Feel Sick  
03. Down in the Hole  
04. A Practice for Hell RMX
05. Wipe out burn down annihilate  
06. I kissed a Girl  
07. Time to breathe  
08. Kiss of Death RMX
09. Power Money Salvation  
10. Made to break  
11. Man is Evil  
12. Dying World
13. Too weird to Live – Too rare to die  
14. Man is Evil 2017 RMX

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