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“It just won’t let you go!” ASP are versatile. Changeable. Without compromise. They don’t always make it easy for their fans, because although ASP are one of the most entertaining and exciting bands that the German-language rock scene has to offer, they often cram their superficially seemingly entertaining songs with much more than is initially apparent. In all their musical gothic novel masterpieces, there can always be found a subliminal tone that is critical of society and which induces you to contemplation. Social ethics are woven in as an element that comes alive and which can be sympathised with: not as a slogan, but as encouragement; as a comfort for everyday life and as nourishment for the soul. This connection was realised especially intensively on the GeistErfahrer EP that appeared in 2012. And now, this year, the time is ripe: the EP that came to grow on not just the band but also in fans’ hearts can now finally flourish and blossom into a long player. For many reasons, the musicians didn’t regard themselves as being “finished with this topic”. On the one hand, this is because, during the long period of producing the ‘Verfallen’ concept, two songs accumulated which made the scales fall from Asp Spreng’s eyes. He immediately came to realise that they were a perfect fit with the GeistErfahrer songs. On the other hand, for some years they have had to live with a circumstance that was perceived as a flaw; namely that no real drums were recorded for this otherwise unbelievably punchy EP, as they had a short-term drummer problem. This has of course meanwhile been solved, and so the artists now seize the opportunity to re-record the complete EP and the additional songs with real drums. The EP has been completely replaced by the GeistErfahrer album, and while they were at it, a whole load of new bonus material has also been included. And as if that wasn’t enough: Asp got his good friend Timo Wuerz on board, who created over 50 (!) pages of new artwork for the re-release, including a specially created graphic novel for one of the new songs, for which Asp wrote a script of unsettling beauty. Comic rockstar Würz has translated this in his typical, dynamic style. So now a greater GeistErfahrer experience. And it’s definitely worth it!

Limited edition 2CD book version consisting of the following:
- Opulent hardback book (approx 19.5 x 14.3 cm) containing two CDs
- CD 1: Full-length album, including both new ‘GeistErfahrer’ songs ‘Strom’ and ‘Abertausend Fragen’
- CD 2: Bonus CD containing seven tracks: Two new recordings of the ASP classics ‘Tiefenrausch’ and ‘Ich bin ein wahrer Satan’. A cover version of the ASP everblack ‘Hässlich’ by SPIELBANN. Four hand-picked remixes (including IN STRICT CONFIDENCE, SCHEUBER).
- Hand-numbered certificate
- Limited to 5000 copies
- Unique visual worlds of disturbing beauty. Across an unbelievable 112 pages!
- With over 50 pages of previously unpublished artworks
- These include the new graphic novel from comic rockstar Timo Wuerz, based on a script by Asp
- Includes the entire album lyrics by Asp
- Exquisite art print on high-quality art paper
- Front and rear endpapers on extra-thick black Bowston paper
- All printed parts boast luxurious semi-matt lamination
- Bound with durable thread stitching

Released early November 2016 on Trisol.

Track Listing CD1:
01 GeistErfahrer
02 In Sack und Asche
03 Strom
04 ÜberHärte
05 Carpe noctem
06 Abertausend Fragen
07 Weichen[t]stellung
08 Danach
01 Ich bin ein wahrer Satan 2016
02 Tiefenrausch 2016
03 Hässlich (Spielbann Interpretation)
04 Weichen[t]stellung (In Strict Confidence Version)
05 Carpe noctem (Scheuber Version)
06 Das Märchen vom Wildfang-Windfang (Schlüpftanz) (Nitro/Noise Version)
07 Danach (We are temporary-Version)

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