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The Trio Infernal strikes again: THELEMA VIII, the eighth album from the occult rock gods led by mastermind Artaud Seth (ex Diary of Dreams, Garden of Delight) has been announced. The man himself, Jawa Seth and Jón Tmoh arguably spearhead the international Goth-Rock scene. Hardly any band in this genre can boast a vitae like the MERCIFUL NUNS. Concert attendants in Europe, South and Central America can attest to this claim.

“Thelema VIII” pounds my ear-drums with an implosion of driven impellent Occult-Rock. Rarely has an album succeeded in drawing the listener so convincingly and quickly under its spell. Instantly pinpointed and excessive songs, wildly scrimmaging and menacingly dark penetrate the auditory canals. In the NUNS’ typical style we find the synapses exceeding the process of mere listening by posting a fundamental question of meaning in its literary context. On this occasion we find the inquisitive Socrates on his journey into the abyss of a dystopic society living in accord with Thelemitic principles on a distant exoplanet.  Still got questions?  Join the dark side!

Released Early March 2016 on Solar Lodge.

Track Listing ‘Thelema VIII’ CD1:
01 Dystopia   
02 Allseeing Eye  
03 The Aeons   
04 Red Flame
05 L.V.X.   
06 In Silence   
07 The Law   
08 Thelema
CD2 ‘Allseeing Eye’ [ONLY with the ‘Thelema VIII’-Album]:
01 Allseeing Eye (1st Aethyr)   
02 Allseeing Eye (2nd Aethyr)
03 Isolation CD   
04 In Silence (Equinox III:8)

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