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Sexorcist, The: KLANGKORPER (LTD ED) 2CD


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With the debut album of his new project The Sexorcist, Chris L., of AGONOIZE-fame, effectively demonstrates how EBM should be sounding today: Hard, uncompromising, tongue-in-cheek and accompanied by the most massive electronic inferno today's technology can provide.

Anyone who names his album “Klangkörper” (=body of sound) should also deliver some sort of physical experience. The title fits the debut of the new project of Agonoize front man Chris L. and his partner in crime Gunnar Kreuz hand in glove. Not only do minimalist, direct and bass-laden sounds that have imbibed the feeling of the good old Electronic Body Music (Body=Körper, Music=sound=Klang) dominate the songs, but the album as a whole is nothing less than pure Sex, molded into electronic sounds. Garnished with a solid portion of modern harshness, a lot of tongue-in-cheek provocation (seldomly did anyone show his haters the finger in a more wryly direct manner), a ton of surprises (if you are among those that have always believed that DAF and Falco would have been a natural match, then listen closely) and a lot of raw hit potential, “Klangkörper” offers up the hottest collection of earworms for fitness-fanatical bulldozer-romantics (dance floor, beer, steak and blowjobs instead of candlelight dinner for two) ever put on disc. This is Erotic Body Music: total electronic satisfaction with heart, a keen mouth and lots of balls. Or to put it differently: “Klangkörper” is twerking for professionals.

Released late November 2015 on Out of Line Records.

Track Listing CD1:
01 Lebenslauf
02 Tokio
03 Concept of Hate
04 Klangkörper
05 Unter Deiner Haut
06 Hate Anthem
07 Erotik (F.Alco.Hol Version)
08 Deine Augen
09 Alles oder Nichts
10 Wahrer Glaube
11 Koma
12 Arschlochsong
13 Visiobibliophobia
14 Sexorcist
01 Smackdown
02 Where Darkness falls
03 Phönix
04 Life is a Bitch
05 Unite

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