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Between 1986 and 1989, cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy) and the late Alan Nelson (Hilt) spent countless
hours recording out of Nelson's apartment as The Flu. The music they produced in those sessions
is quite remarkable, blending electronics, guitars, live drums, drum machines, live singing by cats,
and recordings from tele-personals, all with Al's inimitable lyrics and vocals.
The Flu's recordings had been available only as self-distributed cassettes around Toronto - and
Nettwerk, who was handling most all of Key's other projects, wasn't interested. But Alan found a
start-up record label in Sweden called Osmium Records who were thrilled to release The Flu, and
so Alan sent the masters and artwork for a cassette-only release off to Enskede, Sweden... and
neither he nor cEvin ever heard or saw anything more about it. Osmium Records closed in 1989.
In the mid 90's, many poor quality bootleg copies of a cassette called "The Flu - Patsy" were
being floated around European record shows, but nobody had ever seen or heard anything about
an official release and one of the former owners of Osmium said that he couldn’t remember if it
had actually been dubbed. However, in 2013, a couple of dedicated fans unearthed an actual,
verifiably authentic, cassette-only release copy of Patsy: A Collection of Absolute Insanity by
The Flu - proving that it had been released, and making that copy the only known to exist official
copy of this album. This led one of those two crazy fans, who now owns the cassette copy, on a
search almost as insane as the music itself: to try to locate the master tapes that Alan Nelson
sent off to Osmium 25 years prior.
In 2014, amazingly, that fan found what he was looking for.
Artoffact Records is proud to offer a limited edition, double LP reissue of what is the absolute
rarest cEvin Key-related album of all time, remastered for vinyl and using audio digitally
transferred directly from the original masters.

Released Late March 2018 by Artoffact.

Track Listing:
01. Patsy
02. Trilogy (Jezebel Waits)
03. Speedboat
04. Dig Me cold
05. Saturday
06. Baby your so gullible
07. Pass the Papadom
08. Ichabod Crane
09. Our Discipline
10. I know you no Lady Speed Stick
11. Second Time around
12. Give it to Me
13. The House is full of Shit
14. Sputland
15. Swimming I.P.
16. Piss Bag
17. Fill the Bowl
18. Lick the Floor

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