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YOUR LIFE ON HOLD is the melancholic but consoling soundtrack to a life of solitude and loss. The music expresses the inner torments when life gets stuck in sorrow and despair. But it also wants to comfort the troubled soul and soothe the consuming feeling of desolation.  gothic rock sound seemed like natural and fitting to express the melancholic and gloomy narrative of YOUR LIFE ON HOLD. Dreamy and atmospheric guitars inject brightness and colors into the dark compositions, while a tight and solid rock sound sometimes turns the melancholy into an angry harder wall of sound. Therefore we like to call it ‘post goth’, because of the rich array of influences and textures, bringing the classic gothic rock sound to a new level. While drenching the guitars in dreamy ambient effects, Wolf finally forged a new sound that would become the blueprint of the melancholic YOUR LIFE ON HOLD music. John Wolf’s classic ‘goth’ voice is the perfect finalization of his modern compositions.

As if he were exorcising his inner demons, the lyrics of John Wolf deal with disillusion, pain and desolation:
“Every night it happens, every night I die
I wash away the pain with a gun in my hand
I have a thousand dreams so I can fill up that hole
I have a loaded gun for my twisted soul”
(from ‘Attawapsikat’)

But within the darkness, there’s always a hint of light and hope. The melodic melancholy of ‘Phoenix’ and ‘Falling’ are therefore far more consoling than merely depressing, while the furious monster ‘Exorcism’ is the fierce but firm translation of the burning restlessness of the soul. fter getting in touch with Solar Lodge, things got in motion. While YOUR LIFE ON HOLD found itself a safe and professional home, the album got mixed by Artaud Seth (Merciful Nuns, Garden Of Delight), who gave the tracks that final exciting touch.

Released early September 2017 on Solar Lodge.

Track Listing:
01 Phoenix
02 Attawapiskat
03 Exorcism
04 Already Lost
05 Rome
06 An old Man's Song
07 Falling
08 Hope is for Dreamers  

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