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Stoneburner: AGONY BOX, THE CD


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Stoneburner is the solo project from Steven Archer that combines tribal fusion electronic dance music with experimental sounds. Steven Archer is a multifaceted musician, artist, and writer. He is best known for his work with the electronic rock band Ego Likeness (Metropolis Records) as well has is abstract electronica project ::Hopeful Machines::. His music has been used in several feature sound tracks including the recent award winning documentary Small Small Thing. He has also been commissioned to score a video for NASA on the upcoming OSIRIS-REx mission. Stoneburner is his vision of the music and philosophy of Frank Herbert's Dune book series. It fuses traditional organic instruments and vocals from all over the world with modern electronic dance music in an attempt to tap into the books technological-tribal aesthetic. His hope is that the project will do justice to the novels vision of Arrakis and it's warrior inhabitants. Live shows are intense and fluid, consisting of multimedia video projections and often incorporate tribal fusion belly dance troupes. He has written and illustrated several books available on as well as freelance art for several publishers including Weird Tales magazine. His artwork and jewelry can be purchased from the Ego Likeness etsy store. This is his fifth record, and his first with Negative Gain. Who he is very excited to work with, and would have said so even if they hadn't given him "the look" while writing this.

Released Mid-October 2017 on Negative Gain.

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