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It has been 25 years since the artists we now know as Statik and kaRIN met in a Los Angeles club, striking the alchemical combination of like minds and artistic vision that has powered Collide to this,
the band’s seventh original full-length studio album.

Collide, renowned for crafting lush, atmospheric songs, has always been about sonically transporting the listener, and Color of Nothing is no different, traversing varied aural landscapes grounded in the human condition: from the swell and subside of opener “Wake Up”, dance-floor groove of “Soul Crush”, the infectious swagger of “Side to Side” to the slow-burning love song “Fix.”

Statik, who has worked on projects for a diverse range of artists including Prince, Tool, Micheal Jackson, and Skinny Puppy, provides the musical soundscape, and is in full control of his domain – through all its variations. The album never loses cohesion, nor can it be mistaken for anything other than a Collide album, and that’s due in equal measure to kaRIN’s evocative vocals which completes the sonic seduction. Her siren call offers both gentleness and strength as she exhorts, consoles and defies. She touches on themes ranging from the global (“Blurring the Edges,” “Pale Blue”) to the intensely
personal (“Intruder,” “Freaks Me Out”); from comfort, to resignation, to defiance.

The chemistry of Collide has never been more explosive. Adding urgency and depth on guitar is the band’s long-time axe man Scott Landes, as well as Kevin Kipnis, and The Secret Meeting collaborator Dean Garcia (Curve) on bass.

The Color of Nothing provides a very compelling soundtrack for our disjunctive times. It’s no wonder Collide’s genre-blending soundscapes have been heard on television shows including True Blood and NCIS, and in films Resident Evil and The Covenant.

The album closes with a timely, and timeless, question: what will we become? Clearly, 25 years in, Statik and kaRIN are still hungry to find out. Enjoy the ride.

Our initial copies come signed by KaRIN and Statik.

Released early June 2017 on Noiseplus Music.

Track Listing:
1. Wake Up
2. Soul Crush
3. Freaks Me Out
4. Will Not Be Destroyed
5. Side to Side
6. Intruder
7. Fix
8. Blurring the Edges
9. Only Human
10. Say What You Mean
11. Pale Blue

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