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BLOODY DEAD AND SEXY, heroes of modern deathrock, are back! On the occasion of their 20th anniversary, this compilation contains some of their best songs PLUS unreleased material. The album will also be presented live at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, where BLOODY DEAD AND SEXY will perform in the original line-up of their first album. For the first time in 14 years classic tunes like „Bloody Rose“ and „Hey Ho Armageddon!“ will be played by guitar player d’hAmm. Kick-Ass-Bloody-Psycho-Deathrock over Leipzig!

Released late May 2017 on Alice In....

Track Listing:
01 White Noise Paranoia  
02 Bloody Rose  
03 Sick 6 Minutes
04 The Rose Red Bloody Stage
05 Hey Ho Armageddon!  
06 Funny, sad and cruel that Crucifixion  
07 A Friend in Mescalin
08 Suitcase Men  
09 My Secret Gardener  
10 Solemn Times  
11 Reaping Day  
12 Candy Box
13 Sunglasses for a Funeral  
14 One by One  
15 Never Street  
16 Without
17 Plastic Night Sky (feat. Gitane Demone)

1: unreleased, new song
3: unreleased, extended version
6: unreleased version
13: unreleased, Demo
15: unreleased, Demo
2,4,5: from album ‘Paint it Red’ (Deleted)
7,8,9: from album ‘Narcotic Room’ (Deleted)
10,11,12: from album ‘An Eye on You’
14,16,17: from album ‘Bad Ambient’

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