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Calva Y Nada: SCHLAF (LTD ED) 2CD


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7th and FINAL part in the series of re-releases of all classic CALVA Y NADA albums, coming in all new Artwork!

‘Schlaf’ was Constantin Warter’s (aka Calva Y Nada) last ever album, released 1998 on the legendary Hyperium Records label. With ‘Schlaf’ (= Sleep), this German electronic/avant-garde music project founded in 1990 by Constantin Warter came to a sudden and unexpected end.

Nothing has ever been heard again from Calva Y Nada after...

Limited edition of strictly 222 copies, including an exclusive 3” Bonus-CD, that features the ultra-rare track ‘Guns’n’Weiss’, released in 1998 on the 4th ‘Zwischenfall’-compilation (and one year later also on French ELEGY magazine) only!

Released late March 2017 on

Track Listing CD1:
01 Profanación
02 Leben
03 Alicia
04 Memento Mori
05 Schlaf
06 Ei Susto es Nuestro
07 Ode an den Amok
08 Kreuzzug
09 Keine Angst
10 Agonía
11 Einsam
12 Wallies Traum
01 Guns´n Weiß 5:05

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