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4th album by the American Future Pop act from Florida! In perfect harmony with "contemporary times", "Darkness looms" includes 12 new tracks infusing dark lyrical themes, high energy beats and strong powerful melodies such as "La marche vers l'Infini", "Cette jolie Brune" and "Praise the Darkness".
Hailing from South Florida,, this electronic band consists of Richard Abdeni and Anthony Stuart. Formed in 2003, the name and concept of "Les Anges de la Nuit" defines a correlation between biblical prophecies and our present world. Their unique energetic and poignant sound lies in the multicultural influence of their roots.
The band's first two albums were released back in 2005 and 2007 on Infacted recordings. After a 7 year break, they released the 2014 EP " Out of sight" followed by the third chapter titled "Vanity will Perish". With "Darkness Looms" les Anges de la Nuit are bound to conquer more ears and moves... Get ready!
Released late March 2017 on Static Cold.

Track Listing:
01 Cette jolie Bbrune
02 Away
03 Praise the Darkness
04 Break us apart
05 La Marche vers l'Infini
06 Hybrid Love (feat. Nordika)
08 Ma Folie, l'Infini
09 The Law of the Land
10 Parasite
11 Vanity fin-2017 (feat. Johan Hansson)
12 Raging flames 12 Tears of Sorrow – Outro        

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