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Various Artists: Deathgasm OST Vinyl 2XLP


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Deathgasm. Death-gasm. DEATHGASM. Death Waltz Recording Company are proud to present the soundtrack to the greatest fusion of heavy metal and horror since 1985: DEATHGASM. A 2015 homage to the Kiwi splatter of Peter Jackson directed by newcomer Jason Lei Howden, DEATHGASM itself is a band formed by social outcasts in a New Zealand high-school which unintentionally summon a horrific demon via a cursed sheet of music. As you’d expect, the losers must set aside their D20’s and become the heroes their school needs, soundtracked by a ton of screeching vocals and demonic riffs.

Shredded through the record are some of the greatest metal bands ever that you’ve never heard of, straight from the underground. Thrill to the skull-crushing fury of Axeslasher, Beast Wars, Nunslaughter, Elm Street, The Wretched End, and legendary Norwegian black metal act Emperor. Also leading you through the album’s narrative is dialogue from the film, making it like a really fucked-up version of those books on records we all had when we were little bastards. DEATHGASM is a brutal tribute to the combined power of the greatest musical and film genre in history, and if you’re not devil-horning while listening, GWAR may just show up and crowbar your rabbit’s head off.

Released in 2017 on Death Waltz.

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