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On “Beautiful Suicide”, the new (double-) long player from Massive Ego, the British cult group dazzles with gripping Electro-Pop-anthems. Mixed by Chris Pohl and Mario Rühlicke, the team responsible for the sound of successful Berlin-based group Blutengel, the album contains the Boy-George-penned hit “Let Go” and the club-smasher “I Idolize You.”

In a world where people define themselves through the amount of likes for their newest selfie and where unattainable beauty-standards are created through the means of plastic surgery and photoshopping, Massive Ego are taking a deeper glimpse into the mirror to rediscover the healthy patina beneath the fake facade. Inspired by the personal battles against depression and anxiety, as well as by the suicide of a close friend and ex-bandmate, “Beautiful Suicide” pairs the cool chic of the New-Romantic movement with a darkly emotional ironic twist. The stylishly catchy Electro-Pop-anthems are also tinged with a solid dose of sarcasm, making this one of the most impressive works in recent genre-history. With help from guest stars Chris Pohl (of Blutengel-fame), Gene Serene, Maggie K DeMonde (Scarlet Fantastic) and dark rapper Belzebub, Massive Ego have created a sonic juggernaut, always intent on setting their own impulses, rather than going with the flow. The album is released as a deluxe double disc with an exclusive bonus album containing five more new songs, plus remixes from Blutengel, Ashbury Heights, CHROM, Ash Code, Ludovico Technique, Nature of Wires and Neroargento. “Beautiful Suicide” celebrates the glamour while artfully unmasking the dilapidated ugliness behind the glitz. “Even the greatest stars dislike themselves in the looking glass”, the mighty Kraftwerk once sang. Let Massive Ego guide you beyond the superficialities.

Released late February 2017 on Out of Line.

Track Listing CD1:
01 Ghost in My Dream (Prologue)
02 Low Life  (feat. Maggie K DeMonde)
03 She uses Sex
04 The Girl who finds Gifts from Crows
05 Kate’s in a State
06 Let go
07 Haters gonna hate (feat. Belzebub)
08 For the Blood in your Veins (feat. Chris Pohl)
09 I idolize You
10 Out of Line (feat. Gene Serene)
11 Coldest Light of Day
12 Where I find Myself
13 Drag Me in, Drag Me under
14 Beautiful Suicide
15 I idolize you (Orchestral Epilogue)
01 Public Disorder
02 Rise
03 Dead Silence Rising
04 Goodbye London
05 Let go (Blutengel rmx)
06 Let go (Ashbury Heights rmx)
07 She uses Sex (Chrom rmx)
08 Kate’s in a State (Ludovico Technique rmx)
09 For the Blood in your Veins (Nature of Wires rmx)
10 For the Blood in your Veins (Ash Code rmx)
11 Drag Me in, Drag Me under (Neroargento rmx)

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