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In ten selected German cities, in each case across two consecutive nights, audiences were induced into a frenzy of enthusiasm by an extraordinary concert experience. On one evening, the band performed a ‘best of rock’ show featuring the greatest hits of their career to date. And on the other respective evening, singer Asp and his musicians presented a unique type of concert in the form of an intimate semi-unplugged show featuring new arrangements, rarely- heard pieces and long-lost treasures, especially for this anniversary tour.

This unique live experience is now released in the form of this 4CD set. The first two discs immortalise the ‘RAR & PUR’ (‘Rare & Pure’) semi-acoustic evening, whereas the remaining two CDs contain the complete sweat-inducing ‘BEST OF ROCK’ concert. There are very few overlaps in the setlists, which present over 40 (!) songs across a playing time of nearly five hours, resulting in a first-class concert experience.

‘LIVE … auf rauen Pfaden’ (LIVE … On rough Paths) is the title of this comprehensive retrospective, taken from the ‘Per aspera ad aspera’ anniversary tour in autumn 2014. Loosely translated, that means “Through hardship to live“ (through hardship to life), and describes the rocky path of one and a half decades of the band’s history.

Much has changed since they formed in 1999 and released their debut, ‘Hast Du mich vermisst? the following year. But the most important characteristics have stayed the same: the passion with which the artists create their music and present it during concerts; that honesty, openness and authenticity that always kept ASP away from the mainstream, plus the strong loyalty of their fans, are as extraordinary today as they were way back then.

Experience these historic events once again. Dive into the incredible world of the gifted dark rockers from Frankfurt, where light becomes shadows and shadows become light; where magic and myth combine and you get the opportunity to forever become part of that fascinating, darkly romantic gothic novel.

CD ‘LIVE … auf rauen Pfaden’ – Special fan edition:
- Opulent hardback book (approx 19.5 x 14.3 cm) containing 4 CDs bursting to the seams!
- CDs 1 and 2: ‘Rar und Pur’ (Rare and Pure) – Semi-acoustic and intimate
- CDs 3 and 4: ‘Best of Rock’ – Powerful and earthy
- Over 40 (!) different songs. 49 tracks, including stirring announcements from the ‘Master’
- Many songs in previously unreleased arrangements!
- Nearly five hours’ playing time, with absolutely all songs from the anniversary double shows!
- Hand-numbered certificate, designed by Pit Hammann
- Limited to 7000 copies
- Lovingly designed artwork, 32 pages
- Exclusive lyrics from the anniversary versions
- Includes live photos, some of which are previously unpublished
- Exquisite art print on high quality art paper
- Front and rear endpapers, thick paper, printed in colour
- All printed parts boast luxurious semi-matt lamination

Released early November 2016 on Trisol.

Track Listing CD1 (L.A.R.P. RAR & PUR):
01 De profundis
02 Aufbruchstimmung
03 Dancing
04 Wanderer
05 Hunger
06 Gedicht: Willkommen zurück
07 Me
08 Coming Home
09 Sara
10 Ansage: Vom Yachtenschreiben
11 Varieté Obscur
12 I’m the One
12 Die Löcher in der Menge
Tracks CD2 (L.A.R.P. RAR & PUR):
01 Carpe Noctem  
02 Demon Love
03 How far would You go?  
04 Nie mehr!
05 Ansage: Von Dinosauriern und Schmetterlingen 06 Schwarzer Schmetterling
07 Ich will brennen
08 Possession
09 Ansage: Arsch und Titten
10 Finger weg! Finger!
11 Per aspera ad aspera
12 Unverwandt
01 Medley Kyrie/Raserei/Sanctus Benedictus/Wer sonst?
02 Weltunter
03 Eisige Wirklichkeit
04 Schwarzes Blut
05 Schwarz
06 Die Kreatur mit der stählernen Maske
07 Ansage: Eeeoooh
08 Wechselbalg
09 Sing Child
10 Kokon
11 Ansage: Zum Fünfzehnten
12 Und wir tanzten (Ungeschickte Liebesbriefe)
01 Ansage: Seele
02 Weichen[t]stellung
03 Ich bin ein wahrer Satan
04 Sündige Heilige
05 Rücken an Rücken
06 Lykanthropie
07 Ansage: Geschenk
08 Werben
09 Per aspera ad aspera
10 Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm
11 Krabat
12 Ich will brennen

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