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Way back when futurepop was dominating the dance-floors and the scene, the appearance of xotox paralleled the spirit of those times with his own unique sound. Since then, the distorted beats of the debut album "Lichtlos" and subsequently, the clubhit "Eisenkiller" brought the scene to boiling point; catapulting xotox to the top of DJ-playlists, culminating as the ‘first industrial-act ever’, to take the top spot of the German Alternative Charts (DAC) circa 2003/2004. The EP "die Unruhe" (2004) and the following album "[PSI]" (2005) consolidated xotox's status as an exceptional artist who remains true to his sound without self-repetition; unafraid of experimentation.
Following albums in 2006 and 2008 , included the live “ Dokumentation 1:Ton" and "in den zehn Morgen"; and again reached No. 1 in the DAC. After a split-album and two re-releases “Schwanengesang“ was launched in 2013. This album, that was distinguished by its rough and dark sounds, was swiftly followed by "Redux"; an extraordinary add-on 12" vinyl (2014).xotox is still regarded as an originator of the genre that has served many artists as an inspiration; refreshing and re-establishing his sound with each new release.
Now, "Essentials" presents us with a cross-section of Andreas David’s work; covering all of his output since his ground-breaking debut, "Lichtlos". Enriched with previously unreleased and exclusive demo-versions from this period, of course „digitally remastered“, as well as exciting new remixes of previous classics; ”Essentials“ is the definitive reference to xotox’s extraordinary musical career thus far.

Released late March 2016 on Pro Noize.

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