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Revealed to a larger audience last summer by the much appraised "Set these Walls on Fire" EP (digital only release), Los Angeles based ENTRZELLE has rapidly become a new voice of aggressive electronic music who intelligently fuse elements of classical orchestration, melodic songwriting, highly textured arrangements, noisy synths and more bass than you can swallow! The album represents the culmination of 3 years of dedicated work and introspection, and aims to convey a traditional album feel through story-telling, dynamic expression, and performance nuances.

“Total Progressive Collapse” explores a range of intensity, from thunderous anthems (“Power Play”, “Creature”, the club hit “Compatible With My Intoxication”) to the most vulnerable of love songs (“Chloroform Suicide”). Other highlights include the pop-friendly and very emotional “Secondary to My Love,” and “Stormchaser,” a very personal song that flings the listener out to orbit and back, in a delicious and insatiable aural molestation.

ENTRZELLE is not interested in spreading terror, disorder, misperceptions, or provoking the listener for its own sake. They insist to explore subjects and environments as honestly and fairly as possible. Epic and political, sexy and driving, dynamic and colorful, ENTRZELLE is the explosive cinematic industrial project of David Chamberlin and his partner in crime Malice Vext, a rising band that comes highly recommended to fans of ROTERSAND, COVENANT, VNV NATION, IMPERATIVE REACTION, SEABOUND, MESH, etc. They are an attack on the soul, a reset button, a personal vendetta for a global cause!

Released late April 2016 on Alfa Matrix.

Track Listing:
01 Ozone  
02 Chokehold  
03 Compatible with My Intoxication  
04 Power Play
05 Secondary to My Love  
06 Chloroform Suicide  
07 Outlive  
08 Creature
09 Steadily losing Faith  
10 Bloodborn  
11 Insider  
12 Stormchaser  
13 Total Progressive Collapse

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