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With their soundtrack and in their unique inconceivable way, the two architects of sound Artaud
Seth [Merciful Nuns, Garden of Delight) and Ashley Dayour (Whispers in the Shadow) manage
to unreel an imaginary movie in the listener’s mind.  This film does not require a movie theatre.
It requires your intellect.  NEAR EARTH ORBIT delivers a complex blockbuster masterpiece
with a perfect mixture of post-apocalypse, paranoia and fiction.  2034, Cult!

A mysterious extraterrestrial radio signal from outer space was picked up as it occurred for the
first time. The signal, or radio “burst”, was discovered on May 15, 2033, though it’s being reported
only now by the SETI Foundation. The burst was identified within 10 seconds of its occurrence
and the signal is defined by its continuous repetition. The cause and origin of these mysterious
signals remains unknown, but it seems to be clear that something will contact us from billions of
light years away.

Here it is then, part two of the interstellar opus about a post-apocalyptic scenario beyond the
power of our imagination.  Imbued with a powerful sound, “Trans Neptunian Objects” picks up
where “End of all Existence” left off at the moment of the apocalypse’s irruption: The Jovian
Moon IO.  T.N.O. reveals unto us why the E.D.E.N. mission was discharged there and how it
got there, the significance of the Einstein-Rosen Bridge and also which part a pre-human device
buried deep in the desert sand has got to play in all of this.
2034: The Year we make Contact. A strange device has been discovered from deep beneath
the surface of our planet. Its origins: unknown. Its age: older than life, and its purpose: to change
mankind.   -   Mind is the only constant of all existence!

Released Early May 2015 on Solar Lodge

Track Listing:
01. Jupiter Ignition  
02. Kepler 186F  
03. Earth Research  
04. Ignition Started
05. Trans Neptunian Objects  
06. Planet X  
07. Pitch Black  
08. Jupiter Moon

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