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Letters To The Farthest Star is an ambitious and deeply personal dispatch: a far-reaching sojourn into the diverse ambient/electronic influences that helped shape the last three decades of Fang’s unique “Fourth World” style. Fang began his tenth album with a challenge to himself: create a single work that acknowledged both past and present explorations while hinting at new avenues to come.

Like messages from a universe without geographic borders, these pieces shift from dark, organic ambient passages to emotional, melodic interludes. In those moments, the tracks are textural, propulsive, expressive, and transparent; Fang’s sound is anchored by an Asian sensibility that reflects his fondness for stringed and percussion instruments from China, Indonesia and Turkey.

Fang says, “Letters represents my style boiled to its essence. These tracks represent my musical past and present. I love variety, so I’m expressing different moods and styles in these pieces. They are both light and dark, often simultaneously, while being serious, intense, quiet or more spirited elsewhere. Some pieces are compact and to the point while others are more expansive and immersive.”

Limited edition of 300 copies.

Released March, 2015 on Projekt Records.

Track Listing:
1.The Unreachable Lands - i. Sunsail
2.The Unreachable Lands - ii. Song of the Camel
3.The Unreachable Lands - iii. Water Village
4.The Unreachable Lands - iv. Hermitage
5.Burnt Offerings
6.Veldt Hypnosis
8.Seven Coronas
10.Lines to Infinity
11.Bonus Tracks: 00:04
12.Bonus 1: Water Village (ambient remix)
13.Bonus 2: Burnt Offerings (ambient remix)
14.Bonus 3: Song of the Camel (ambient deconstruction)

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