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With Spectre, Laibach has created a big, important and almost dangerous step forward; it seems that this time the band has fatally crossed the Rubicon. On this album the group which has never defined itself politically, but has, nevertheless, constantly analyzed politics through its work comes across as politically engaged as never before. Spectre sounds like a political manifesto manifest in poetic form, titles and lyrics couldn"t be more direct. With these lyrics and songs, Laibach, who has always given a controversial impression or an impression of controversy especially in terms of its political orientation, is now very clearly taking a position on the political spectrum and probably irreversibly abolishing its own (to some extent quite comfortable) political "freedom" and neutrality.Released February 11th, 2014 on Mute U.S.Track Listing:1. The Whistleblowers2. No History3. Eat Liver!4. Americana5. We Are Millions And Millions Are One6. Eurovision7. Walk With Me8. Bossanova9. Resistance Is Futile10. Koran

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