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Ost+Front: OLYMPIA (LTD 2CD)


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Olympia: modern Moloch. Capital city of the vices. Symbol for the downfall of Western civilization. Following an intuition that came to him in his sleep, Hermann Ostfront, mastermind of one the most fascinating and controversial bands to currently come out of the German Rock scene, went to work to create his personal magnum opus.

The follow-up to OST+FRONT’s debut “Ave Maria” which shot straight to the German album charts upon release carries the fitting name “Olympia” and is a grim chronicle of our present time: an honest and highly cynical reflection of the ballast that has been building up in Hermann’s head over one year of studying all the depravities of human existence. OST+FRONT are not prone to whitewashing the facts and love to confront the listener with lyrics that are meant to invoke repulsion and pain, while effectively contemplating our sick world through the pitch black lens of satire, lined with allusions, ambiguities and mantraps that will unfold their full potential only after thorough reflection.

Modern Babylon is built on a sonic foundation of brutal Metal-guitars and massive Electronica, adorned with elements as versatile as neo-classical choirs, medieval elements and the melodic grooves of German New Wave. Artfully performed and graced with a monumental production from Hermann Ostfront, like any good art, this album is predestined to polarize and will either spawn ardent supporters or induce total rejection.

Indifference is the one thing that has no place with this ticking time bomb of German Industrial Metal. And that is good!

Limited Deluxe double disc which contains a selection of more exclusive and unreleased new songs – including an early ‘2008’ version of the track ‘Ost+Front’!!!

Released late January, 2014 on Out of Line.
Track Listing CD1:
01 Mensch  
02 Ost+Front 2014  
03 Sonne, Mond und Sterne  
04 Liebeslied  
05 Freundschaft  
06 Feuer und Eisen  
07 Anders  
08 Goldmarie  
09 Perfekt  
10 Dein und mein  
11 Harte Welt
12 Feuerwasser  
13 Kaltes Herz
01 Ost+Front 2008  
02 Vergiss mein nicht  
03 So lang  
04 Winter ade  
05 Muttertag

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