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In The Nursery: 1961 CD


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1961 is a special year. Not only is it a rare strobogrammatic number (the next will be 6009) but it is also the birthyear of the twin brothers Nigel & Klive Humberstone. For their first all new studio album(after  a  number  of  soundtrack  albums), In The Nursery  have  taken  inspiration  from  the  historic,  literary  and  personal connections of 1961. Taking inspiration from moments of the diversity of 1961 including Yuri Gagarin's first space flight, The construction of the Berlin wall, the publication of Catch 22 and even the idling engine of a Ford Consul.The album features various contributors and a string quartet courtesy of the Up North Session Orchestra

Released Early November 2017 on ITN Corporation.

Track Listing:
01. Until before after
02. Torschlusspanik
03. Consul
04. Grand Corridor
05. Retrofire
06. Pacify
07. Solaris
08 Prisoner of Conscience
09. The Earth was blue

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