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808 DOT POP's debut album "The Colour Temperature" is an aural blend of the best ingredients of many decades of electronic music and a vibrant sonic world. From the majestic first single "Blackbodies" featuring guest vocals by Noemi Aurora (HELALYN FLOWERS) to the edged bass sequences of the up-tempo "Thermal Contact" or the polished bubbly pop tones of "Incandescent", it becomes quite obvious that each very electronic sound on this album was meticulously selected with care to fit and deliver the right atmosphere. On "The Colour Temperature" Passenger S does not hesitate showcasing his trademark shammy soft sequencing that can be best experienced in songs like "The Tungsten Filament" or "Ultraviolet", while "Illuminants“ and "Thermodynamica" unveil his more sinister creative side but still keeping the finger on the right electronic pulse.

More than just another 12-track album, "The Colour Temperature" houses a full package of conceptual creativity where music and vision neatly melt together around a well-considered central theme: glorifying trivial elements from our daily surroundings by taking them under the particular loop of 808 DOT POP and giving them another interpretation through uplifting synth sequences and warm melodic tunes. This is luminous ear candy.
Released Early June 2020 by Alfa Matrix.

Track Listing:
01. Planck's H 
02. Illuminants 
03. Radiation Laws 
04. The Tungsten Filament
05. Blackbodies (radiation)  
06. Kelvin (2700) 
07. Thermal Contact 
08. The White Tone Of Lamps
09. Ultraviolet 
10. Incandescent (iridium) 
11. Thermodynamica 
12. Inside The Light Bulb

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