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Twenty years ago, in the mid-90s, before remixes were suddenly everywhere along came a series of releases in 1996, which, not entirely new, shook things up and in many ways defined an era: The Remix Wars.

The concept of The Remix Wars was simple enough: two artists remix one another and release the results on a collaborative CD. The idea had been done before (see the KMFDM vs. TKK remix 12" from 1990), but never on such a grandiose scale, and never with such a breadth and depth. First, the artists: a pair of 1990s EBM/industrial bands in wumpscut vs. haujobb; a pair of classic 1980s bands who had taken a decidedly metal spin on industrial in Front Line Assembly vs. Die Krupps; and a pair of then-new bands with a new spin on industrial, EBM, and rock in 16 Volt vs. Hate Dept. Second, the collaboration between labels: 21st Circuitry, Off Beat, Cleopatra... and Metropolis would join the fray in 1999 for Volume 4. And, finally, the desire to experiment and re-work tracks, not simply to make a club hit but to authentically give voice to a different artist through the lens of technology.

It was a thoroughly collaborative effort, on every level.

-An amazing new design has been prepared for the reissues
-Each sleeve will include hot silver foil stamp on the artist logos and Remix Wars logo
-All audio has been remastered for vinyl
-Each release comes with an insert that includes an essay by Sharon Kyronfive, former 21st Circuitry employee and current I Die: You Die columnist.
-the wickedest remix collabs basically ever (haujobb remixing Mother -- nuff said!)

Track Listing Side A: 16 Volt remixed by Hate Dept.
A1. 16 Volt - Stitched (Face-Rip)
A2. 16 Volt - Dreams Of Light (Nightmare)
A3. 16 Volt - Motorskill (Quad)

Side B: Hate Dept. remixed by 16 Volt
B1. Hate Dept. - Drive : A (Netmix)
B2. Hate Dept. - Start Digging (The Giver / The Taker)
B3. Hate Dept. - Defensive (Loose And Thrash Mix)

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