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at a very young age, the norwegian one man project hpc started creating electronic music that ranged from danceable electronica and psytrance to hard-/speed-/breakcore, ambient and noise. after some experimentation and development he felt the time for a first release was right and now "halfbreed" has been realized. in his own words, hpc"s aim is to build an aural exposure of his personal view of life by creating music beyond predictable schedules and clichés in electronic music. with this debut he has perfectly accomplished what he had in mind. hpc presents a fusion of heavy syncopated beats and pulsing low end bass, balanced by synth textures and soundtrackish samples - inducing atmospheres that dwell between unbridled ecstasy and subliminal hypnosis. tracks like "machine" and "run" are a fine example of the terrifying and liberating climax of rhythmic power’s crescendo. feel free to file "halfbreed" between illbient, dubstep and darkest ambient that has accumulated hardtech aggressiveness. with this album hpc hit the target - and this is only the beginning...Released late October, 2008 on Hymen.Track List:1 Womb (4:59)2 Dissociate (5:23)3 Empty Eyes (4:52)4 Sleepwalker (7:35)5 Machine (6:26)6 Fond Memories (1:42)7 Tranquilliser (4:06)8 Ill Organism (2:49)9 Run (4:46)

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