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Helalyn Flowers: STITCHES OF EDEN

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Definitely one of the most alluring and outstanding bands on the Alfa Matrix roster, the Italian duo HELALYN FLOWERS instantly caught the attention of the media thanks to their very unique and exploding musical cocktail as well as their eye-catching imagery.Today they return with their new album that will once again take everyone by storm. HELALYN FLOWERS is not the kind of band that enjoys repeating itself again and again. While the previous "A Voluntary Coincidence" CD was quite of a dark album criticizing the ruinous state of modern society, the new and evocatively full length album, titled "Stitches Of Eden" reveals a much more positive artistic approach far away from doldrums of death, suffering and self-infliction.By writing about themes like love, healing and purity, Max"s compositions have become more open and give much more space for N0emi"s voice to breathe and reveal her impressive wide vocal range (from the nearly wave-pop tone of "Never Enough" or "Sitting on The Moon", to the more upbeat and revolted alternative-rock of "Hybrid Moments" and "Your Killer Toy"). Although we for sure recognize HELALYN FLOWERS" characteristic intricate and incisive sound, "Stitches Of Eden" has a touch of 80"s pop rock inspiration, adding a very pleasant catchy and melodic dimension to the band"s already quite open and diversified music style based on dynamic synths, powerful basslines, strong guitars and outstanding female vocals. An electro album that will for sure ignite the imagination and widen their already quite eclectic fanbase to anyone who enjoys the most diversified bands in the likes of Garbage, Killing Joke, Duran Duran, The Cure, Deadsy, Orgy or even Gary Numan. Top-class unconventional electronic pop-rock tunes for fashion and alternative music lovers.Released late November, 2009 on Alfa Matrix.Track Listing:01 sitting on the moon02 your killer toy03 love like aliens04 crystal bullet05 friendly strangers06 hybrid moments07 don"t wake me up08 psychic vamp09 never enough10 as angels spying mars

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