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The dark brotherhood embarks into the cold. The Medieval-Electro-pioneers open up a new chapter of their saga, driving the listener on a journey into the eternal frost on a unique foundation of synthetic beats and deep sequencers, garnished with medieval instruments, walls of guitars and choral chants.

The new chapter in the fantastic journey of Ashlar von Megalon and his fearless friars seamlessly continues the story of the previous album releases of Heimataerde. On “Kaltwaerts” (= into the cold), the dark antagonist Zebaoth has captured friar Andreas and is now setting out to bring fear and horror unto the world. The brotherhood wants to stop this evil force at all costs and embarks into the cold to destroy the demon once and for all times and to rescue the friar. In this, Heimataerde manage to shake the floor yet again with a unique mix of club-compatible Electro-sounds and medieval atmosphere, while captivating the listener with an epic and moving story, at the same time. The mix of modern sounds, fantasy and long past eras has turned out even bigger, more powerful and fascinating, this time around.

The album will also be released as a fan set, strictly limited to 250 copies, world-wide, in a classy black wooden box, containing the deluxe double CD, as well as a metal Heimataerde-signet pendant on a leather necklace, a special rosary, watercolor painted postcards of all band members, a numbered ownership certificate and a Heimataerde-flag as exclusive content. Become a part of the brotherhood! Follow us into the cold! The place where we are going will never see summer.

Released late September, 2014 on Out of Line.

Track Listing CD1:
01 Es ist nicht vorbei
02 Bruderschaft
03 Kaltwaerts
04 Die Wanderschaft
05 Sohn
06 1000 Meere weit
07 Keine Helden
08 Verdammt noch mal
09 Heut ist ein guter Tag
10 In der Dunkelheit
11 Schwesterlein
12 Weiss schwarz
13 Einfach so
14 Rossreiter
CD2 ‘Audio-Book’:
01 Pfad ohne Namen  
02 Consilium  
03 Bruder des Koenigs  
04 Gottgericht  
05 Sohn
06 Das Tal der Kirchen  
07 Cagottes  
08 Glaube  
09 Gnadengabe  
10 Der weiße Reiter

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