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‘The S-Witch’, as declared by the title, makes a shift on the band sounds from the emphatic electro wave of the early days to a much more consistent and dark floor oriented electro dark. The ingredients of the magic potion mixed in the witches pot by Francesca and Philippe are: straight beats, harsh basses and sharpened synths with Francesca voice wich gets colder and sensual singing about magic, but also real life, relationship and feelings, and guiding you into a trip to discover how beautiful, scary and magic darkness is ….

Born from Marlat's - a well know Italian dark wave, gothic rock act - burning ashes by Fra Angenoir Marlat (vocals and synth) and Philippe Marlat (synth and bass) alchemy, O.N is an electro dark / witch wave duo founded in 2020. Unlike their previous music project ohne nomen’s sound winks to the dark club dance floors with a mix of straight beats, harsh basses and sharpened synths, pasted together by the emphatic and sensual Francesca’s voice: the pale light you must follow, to be guided in a trip in a never-ending night.

Released Late July 2023 by Cold Transmission. 

Tracks Listing:
01. My Body Is Moving 
02. Darkness 
03. Crystal World 
04. No Fear 
05. Deep Hole 
06. Missing
07. Cold Sadness 
08. Thelema 
09. No Lights 
10. Black Lies 
11. Lonelissen

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