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"Fragmented Identity is cold, straightforward, yet emotional and multi-layered. The Coldwave influence from past days remains as noticeable as the beginnings of EBM and the lyrical borrowings of the golden ‘Kassettentäter’-era of NDW (80s German New Wave). “Fragmented Identity” blossoms and begins to breathe by cleverly placed field recordings, that is recordings of the natural environment. On the track “Baustelle” a sledgehammer pounds against concrete, iron rods clang - and construction workers scream…" Review by Adam Usi The CD by the Berlin-based industrial/darkwave artist was release in 2018 and contains the Exclusive Bonus-track ‘Lach, doch!’, not available on digital platforms.

Check out ‘Rebell’

Released by Young & Cold Records.
Track Listing:
01. Kirschblüten  
02. Viereck  
03. Rebell  
04. Moh  
05. Baustelle  
06. Erik Voltage  
07. Zerbrechlich
08. Tod  
09. Gleisdreieck  
10. Lach, doch!

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