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„Dimension Shift“ is the debut album of LMX on Sevren Ni-Arb (X Marks the Pedwalk/SN-A)’s MESHWORK label. With a fascinating unique mix of trap, wave and ambient electro LMX is pushing the boundaries of electronic music. Deep bass and punchy beats are surrounded by weird soundscapes, catchy synth lines and hypnotic melodies. 11 tracks, thrilling and energetic, atmospheric and psychedelic, always with a touch of melancholy. With LMX, the world of electronic music will see a new, creative and inspiring artist rising on the horizon. LMX – age 15 – is no one else than the youngest son of musician and producer Sevren Ni-Arb himself. When he was 12, LMX started to compose first music tracks just on his mobile devices. Two years ago he built up a small recording studio in his room. LMX is continuously publishing musical ideas and demo tracks.

Released Late January 2019 by Meshwork.

Track Listing:
01. Unlimited 
02. Changes 
03. Embassy 
04. Temptation 
05. Silver Linings 
06. Test Subject 11 
07. Burst 
08. Y 
09. Shatter 
10. Freeze 
11. Dimension Shift

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