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after the classical music and breakcore hybrid release "doème" and the highly energetic album "go quantum!", "terre de pierres" marks a directional shift for lingouf showing yet another facet of his constant variation of styles and tempers. a challenging mixture of analog electronics, acoustic instruments and field recordings intended to be listened to as a whole. vincent ingouf"s concept behind most of this album was the usage of self-recorded acoustic sources as keyboard instruments, like a long case clock, an accordion, water filled crystal glasses, a bontempi organ, metallic objects and his own voice. the result is music that can not be composed on these sources, but the spirit of the sounds are actually there - it just needs electronic aid to bring them to light. furthermore, field recordings such as a chinese new year"s celebration in paris and contributions by his friends - even by his dog nausicaa - back up the cumulative beats, vibrating sub basses and melodic synth sequences. finally the compositions are charged with a multitude of sound manipulations enriched with a dub-like analog delay to result in unique works of art. "terre de pierres" offers a permanent change of dense atmospheres from dark and slightly melancholic to warm and affirmative. an organic, intriguing and contemporary electronica release that will keep its audience framed in intense expectation.Released mid-September,2012 on Ant-Zen.

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