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Life Cried

Out of the desolate wastelands of the northeast United States, LIFE CRIED aggressively emerges as the spearhead of the US Electro scene. Already existing since 1999, last year the first official LIFE CRIED track "As we decay" appeared on the NoiTekk compilation "United Volume I". Now with "Drawn and quartered" the debut album is released. An album which does not leave open any wishes of Dark Electro fans!Music wise LIFE CRIED started with the premise to create an album with dark melodies and high club appeal. This worked out very successful! LIFE CRIED understand very well to breath a soul, atmosphere and style into their music by creating compositions with depth and charisma. The debut album is convincing from the first to eleventh track by using well chosen samples and clear, easy recognisable melodies as well as driving beats. The long time of origin helped to perfect their sound and by this to compensate what numerous recently released Electro albums are lacking.Central themes of the music are clearly a product of the masked problems of this world, delivering an unrelenting reality within a decaying existence. The punishing vocals challenge the barriers that have been programmed into a passive society. By this "As we decay" represents humanity"s dying soul screaming out for salvation. Expected early May 2006 on Noitekk.Track Listing:01. Stale02. Hallowed by the name03. As we decay04. Living hell05. Rage06. Guardian07. Burnt to ashes08. Sacrilege09. Waiting for an end10. Darkest eyes

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