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Various Artists: Post Alcoholic Body Syndrome Volume 3

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Long-awaited label-compilation from Advoxya records out exactly 2 years after the release of previous Post Alcoholic Body Syndrome II and 4 years after the release of their first compilation. Thanks to the talented bands, which work with label at present and enjoyed our roster at past, its possible to note the growing potential and massiv attack of newly arrived, already well known bands of industrial scene (Nexus VI, Alien Produkt, The Pain Machinery, Controlled Collapse, Total Pain Kollapz, previously released their albums on another labels, now they collaborate with us), and also a lot of new bands, not having official releases yet, but selected Advoxya for issue their first - debut - albums (First Black Pope, Sadiztik Injection, Hired.Life, Spin Provider, HL-coder, Mind.Area).Released December, 2009 on Advoxya.Track Listing CD1:1.1. Denergized - Time (PABS3 edit).1.2. Alien Produkt - Inflexible (Narr remix).1.3. Nexus VI - Face to face (sampler edition).1.4. Synaptic Defect - Alone in the dark (PABS3 edit).1.5. Deadjump - Animus necandi (with a knife mix).1.6. Spin Provider - Patroni (556 mix).1.7. Drained Scorn - Bone breaker (PABS3 remix).1.8. The Pain Machinery - Total recall (extended mix).1.9. Mind.Area - Sap (mastered for PABS3)1.10. Massiv In Mensch - Never trust the outline (massive module mix by Impact Pulse).1.11. First Black Pope - Blackdays (advent remix).1.12. Mulphia - Who needs god (PABS3 exclusive track).1.13. The Crystalline Effect - How i get out (advoxya hard mix).1.14. The-Pulsar - My dream (PABS3 special edition, tuned up by Wavefall).1.15. Sadiztik Injektion - Near Apocalypse (PABS3 edit).1.16. V.E.N. - Nothing remains (cut module mix by Impact Pulse).CD2:2.1. Hired.Life - Contract (DX version).2.2. cB(CycloneB) - The sun (alcoholic body rmx).2.3. Sublagrimal - Sangre y Muerte (remix ES23).2.4. Total Pain Kollapz - The march of the dead (scitzo mix).2.5. Impact Pulse - Ez a vilag (speaking hungarian PABS3 edit).2.6. T.W.Z. - The 5th day, the 6th night (Severe Illusion vs. T.W.Z.).2.7. Larva - The hated (FYL remix).2.8. Wavefall - Collider (find new matter! mix).2.9. Snog - Bourgeois (anarchy mix by Recently Deceased).2.10. Truppenterror - Judas confession (PABS3 edit).2.11. Asseptic Room - Bones of angels (Larva remix).2.12. Nothing Nada - What can i say (feat. Erika Kertesz).2.13. HL-Coder - War ich night (Wavefall remix).2.14. Controlled Collapse - Inject (Digital Poodle mix).2.15. Schyzzo.Com - Rouge (burn out! rmx).2.16. Plague Sequence - Body (mastered for PABS3).2.17. Niteshift - Alien Breed (sudden version)

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