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Unitcode:Machine: CRITICAL FAULT CD


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Exploring the depths of emotion through sonic alchemy, a paradoxical blend, fusing vibrant, energetic sound with brutally raw lyrics! Eric Kristoffer the band's visionary takes us onto a truly enthralling album! For unitcode:machine, music is an emotional conduit. Songwriting becomes catharsis, a channel to confront personal stories and share vulnerabilities. The album's tracks delve into poignant themes, reflecting an intimate wrestle with the self. Yet, this journey isn't about descent into darkness; it's about embracing vulnerabilities and understanding. Each song forms part of a broader story, symbolized by the visual embodiment of "Critical Fault”. Produced by Christopher Hall of Stabbing Westward

Released Early October 2023 by COP International.

Tracks Listing: 
01. Cold 
02. Surface 
03. Against The Pale 
04. Keep Above The Water 
05. Undone 
06. Blind 
07. Love Like Lies 
08. Nothing Left 
09. Violent End 
10. Emptiness 
11. Take It All Away

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