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The new EP “Kettenhund” (=chained dog) shows OUT OF LINE’s latest signing ‘Unzucht’ sporting a harder sound than ever before. With a hybrid of Metal, Industrial-elements and melodic Dark Rock, the band opens a new chapter in an ongoing success-story.

Drum salvos like a machine gun, a massive wall of guitars and the words “Ich bin Gott” (= I am God): on the new EP “Kettenhund”, Unzucht crank everything up to 11 right from the start. Alternating with a dark melodic verse part that more closely resembles the group's trademark sound, the song becomes a highly successful tightrope walk between the old and a new-found harshness, firmly cementing Unzucht's status as one of the most innovative German-language Dark-Metal-acts. The second new song “Ein Tag wie jeder andere” (=a day like every other) rocks out with big guitar riffs and driving electronics, but stays in more melodic territory, thus making it a perfect counterpart to the title track. The single is topped off by three excellent remixes (one from German Electro-Industrial-legend Die Krupps), which take both songs into club-compatible territories.

The “Kettenhund” is set loose to bring some fresh wind unto the German Dark-Metal-scene!

Released March 2016 on Out of Line.

Track Listing:
01 Kettenhund  
02 Ein Tag wie jeder andere  
03 Kettenhund - Die Krupps Remix
04 Kettenhund - FunXForce Remix  
05 Ein Tag wie jeder andere - Randolph's Grin Remix

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