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Zero Defects: DURACELL


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Zero Defects

When it comes to german EBM you will for sure name two bands: Armageddon Dildos & Zero Defects! The hamburg based two men project once made their way through the ELECTRONIC YOUTH compilation series straight to a label deal with germanies once leading electro/industrial label ZOTH OMMOG! Besides the first single “Durability” (which featured the massive hit DURACELL) the band managed to get their breakthrough with the outstanding album release “NON RECYCABLE”! Under the flag “DURACELL” INFACTED RECORDINGS now brings you a massive best of CD with all their major hits, rare compilation tracks as well as two never before released mixes! Furthermore the CD comes as 1000 copy limited edition in digital remastered format as part of the tremendous classics series (The Invincible Spirit, Shift, tribantura, Klangwerk, ECO, U-Tek, Armageddon Dildos, X Marks the Pedwalk…) A weapon of floor destruction in the hands of all good DJs! “Non-Recycable, THAT`S INDUSTRIAL!”Released late August, 2010 on Infacted.Track Listing:01 Duracell02 Braindead03 Steam Engine04 End of05 Clone Breeder06 Firefly07 Hostages08 Clean Slate09 Schwätzer10 Träum Dich11 Duracell (Titanium Mix)12 Duracell (Titanium Dub Mix)13 Planet Alert

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