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X0ks: FEMALE#01 CD


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x0ks is female and male, the special music mediators for anouk and sneji tigerpaw; they are techno and noize loving cyberskunks from outer space. on their exploration and scanning the galaxies, they stumbled over a tiny solar system with an blue planet called #3742gamma314. they never expected what they found there, skunkionid lifeforms that love their music too. holy skunk of the ancestors what a wonderful discovery! sneji and anouk couldnít believe it. anouk and sneji have spent years on research, and one day they found a matching couple, with right brain-conditions. to establish an uplink to control these lifeforms. after some tests and observing the behaviour of the carrier they started to form a band called x0ks. and now, they are bringing the cyberskunk noize to that little funny blue marble called earth. here are the cyberskunks from outer space!

Release September 2016 on Sleepless Records Berlin.

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