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Love, faith, trust and devotion.
Is there a price for giving everything you’ve got to the ones you love? Can rumors and public opinion do anything to your devotion if your faith is strong? Can you be a loving father and a husband knowing that you are not chosen for the fame divine and staying in the shadow of the saints is your fate? And is every move forseen or the man is the lord of everything? And can you overcome all the grief and despair armed with love only?
Inspired by the story of St. Joseph, the earthly father and husband.

Released Early April 2021 by Negative Gain Productions.

Track Listing:
01. Ad Vitam Aeternam 03:05
02. 3 for the Past 04:27
03. Wastelands of Your Stars 05:19
04. For Dead and Undead 04:26
05. Wizard of Words 05:21
06. Thy Lord 04:36
07. Simple (feat. In.Visible) 04:23
08. Shadow of the Saints 04:51
09. Nevershare 04:47
10. Platonic Suicide 03:32
11. Naïve 04:35
12. Wastelands of Your Stars (Anxiety Remix by Nova-Spes) 05:19
13. 3 for the Past (Rhythm'n'Voice remix by TC75) 08:40

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