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“Come with us. Release yourself from the shackles of this life. You’ll be able to find grief and gloom elsewhere!” With these words, the musicians from WOLFENMOND invite the listener to accompany them on their journey into the mythical world of the Vikings. They follow the ancient sagas from the age of settlement, and also the tracks of those who, as outlaws, spread through Iceland’s sparse expanses, having had to leave their secure harbours behind for good.

WOLFENMOND too have hoisted the sails and set out for new horizons. Because with
‘Aufbruch’, they embark on a new chapter in the band’s history. Never before has an album come across so forcefully. Never before was one so complex and lavishly produced. In order to provide their overall concept with the right ingredients, WOLFENMOND worked together with a choir plus various guest musicians, speakers and artists. WOLFENMOND have therefore finally grown out of purely medieval music, and are following the path they set out upon with the previous album ‘Neumond’. Bagpipes, shawms and hurdy-gurdies meet brutal electric guitars and complex electronic sounds, topped off by Sonja Saltara’s powerful vocals, which tell us tales from the far north. The project was allowed to ripen over the course of ten years, with many people asking themselves why WOLFENMOND have been so quiet. This 13-track album now provides the answer. Once the listener has fallen under its spell, thanks to the atmospheric intro, they are carried along from one danceable ear-worm to the next. The wait has therefore been worth it! Now we can set off for new shores!

Released Late January 2021 by Trisol.  

Track Listing:
01. Die Schwarzen Wasser 
02. Aufbruch 
03. Verbannt 
04. Seemannslied 
05. Maskentanz
06. Tanzverbot 
07. Das Letzte Mahl 
08. Nanoq 
09. Todesengel 
10. Kuss des Todes
11. Die Spinne 
12. Dunder I Fjaellet 
13. Ridderspranget

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