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Void Kampf: FUNK OFF CD


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First new album since 2010 for the French EBM act, active since 2003. 14 tracks of  incredibly  enthralling  technological synergy,  that  combines  French  Old  School EBM  and  Techno  Body  Music +  2 club mixes. Hyper-danceable rhythms, harsh vocals, lines of sequencers, brilliant synths and fascinating sampling.
Released Mid November 2017 on EK Product.

Track Listing:
01. Full Force Ahead
02. Friction
03. Intelligentsia
04. Pulsar
05. Poesie Non Merci
06. Blindfold
07. Invincible
08. Le Mur
09. Body Clubber
10. Arts De Fer
11. Rise Up
12. The Calling Calls
13. The Calling
14. Never Surrender
15. Full Force Ahead (Club mix by Void Kampf)
16. Invincible (Club mix by Void Kampf)

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