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TWINS IN FEAR is a new electro project by the Ukrainian-Swiss singers Maria and Lena, who have now settled in Hamburg. Both of them have already worked as background singers and dancers for many bands in various genres until they decided in spring 2019, to finally express their own emotional worlds in songs and perform them live. The result is an electrifying mixture of contemporary electropop with a very dark note. Ominous melodies, which despite their individuality immediately jump into the ear, combine with open-hearted emotional lyrics that burn themselves into the brain.

"The lyrics are a bit exaggerated, but nevertheless we have already experienced or - better said - lived through all this. That is why everything we reveal is basically quite private," says Maria. To the question whether one could call the whole thing "New Gothic", they do not want to answer. "We don't really care about the genre, we only do what really turns us on musically. Others should find the right drawer for it", says Lena.

The lyrics on the album are both in German and English, with some Russian bits…
Released Late November 2020 by Scanner. 
Track Listing:
01. Abseits 
02. Geld 
03. Herz 
04. Unification 
05. Allein 
06. Wo die Sonne Nicht Scheint
07. The Hunt 
08. Rätsel 
09. Träume Explodieren 
10. Vampir 
11. Bus Verpasst!
12. Through The Darkness 
13. Angst


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