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After the release of classical tunes by FLA, Pankow, The Weathermen, Tribantura, X Marks the Pedwalk or à;Grumh... – to name just a few, Infacted continues it’s classics collection series with it's 37th edition! THX is the brainchild of sound wizzard Peter Schmidt and well known electronic/techno producer Andy Düx. The fomer Animalized/SPV recordings artists re-releases all it’s historical 14 songs on this limited CD! The long deleted releases such as ‘Living in Purgatory’ (album) or the vinyl-singles ‘Luv’n’Trust’ and ‘Holy City Zoo’ are searched for collectors items and have been real dance floor hits in the EBM/Electro clubs back in the 90s. The songs have again been massively remastered by Guido Fricke of Audion-X/Second Voice/La Floa Maldita... Limited to 1000!
Released December 2016 on Infacted.

Track Listing:
01 New World Order
02 Sedation
03 Holy City Zoo
04 Luv’n’Lust
05 The Right to die
06 The Face of Fear
07 to Travel
08 Love Lost
09 Luv’n’Lust (Devon Mix)
10 Holy City Zoo (Tel Aviv Mix)
11 No Travel (Immortal Mix)
12 Luv’n’Lust (Trustworthy Mix)
13 Sedation (Call 3 4 8) (Euthanasia Mix)
14 To Travel (Acapella Mix)

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