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HANDS presents the debut album of Trackologists, the collaboration project by the_empath and Heimstatt Yipotash. Expect ambitious sound design and a galactic view with focus on detail. Musically, „No Surrender, No Retreat“ refuses to be pigeon-holed with its eclectic range of influences – space sound rooted in IDM, electronica and EBM with a distinct use of synthetic and human vocals. Trackologists draw their inspiration from science, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, human deficiency and our assigned cosmic position. Immerse yourself into an exceptionally entertaining 75 minutes trip with a fascinating tension between the sensual and the scientific. Comes with beautiful 8-page booklet. The album closes with ‘solo’ remixes by each the_empath and Heimstatt Yipotash, presenting “No Surrender, No Retreat” and “Sonic Barrier” respectively in a more accessible fashion. The uncompromising nature of this album will not fail to leave its impression – No Surrender, No Retreat

Released June 2016 on Hands.

Track Listing:
01 Sonic Barrier
02 Modified Newtonian Dynamics
03 No surrender, No retreat
04 τ=2π
05 Suicide With Plastic Gun
06 Larmoyanz
07 Self-Replication
08 Bayt Al-Hikma
09 Boötes Void
10 No Surrender, No Retreat (the_empath Utopia rmx)
11 Sonic Barrier (Heimstatt Yipotash Shockfront rmx)

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