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The The: HYENA O.S.T. 2XLP


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Death Waltz Recording Company are proud to bring you a modern classic from one of Britain’s most revered bands. Directed by Gerard Johnson, HYENA is a breakneck thriller dealing with Police corruption in West London with an incredibly atmospheric score by Matt Johnson aka The The. Following super-bent copper Michael, HYENA highlights the dark and grimy side of being on the take, with none of the flash and glamour usually seen in movies like this. The The – scoring their second movie with Gerard Johnson after TONY – give the film an evocative soundtrack that weaves between seduction and horror.

The score to HYENA comes across like a fever dream; vignettes of hip-hop and house beats with incredible synthesizer melodies laid on top, threatening electronic effects roaring like a Formula 1 car engine, even choral sections with haunted vocals that show the inevitable influence of Vangelis. Instrumentation is eclectic, with electric and acoustic guitars creating anticipation and dissonance while steel drums and Eastern strings subconsciously illustrate the diversity of the area. Similarly, HYENA combines its musical influences to produce a score that reflects the danger of Michael’s situation but also the exhilaration. No matter how you feel about corruption or the police, HYENA is essential.

Released in 2015 on Death Waltz

Track Listing:
1. The Invisible City (Raid)
2. Dragons In Paradise
3. Splayed
4. Blondes Before Bedtime
5. Blue Eyes
6. Fear Porn
7. The Invisible City (Reign)
8. A Woman's Wound
9. People In The Rain
10. The Invisible City (Rogue)
11. Take Me Away From All This
12. Tiny Blue Sirens
13. Death Nest
14. Bait & Switch
15. The Invisible City (Reap)
16. Feeding The Fire
17. Harvest Of Souls
18. Bathing In Flame
19. Killers & Concubines
20. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven (But Nobody Wants To Die)

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