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Tamtrum: ATVFM (Allez Tous Vous Faire Mettre) CD/DVD (PAL Format)


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Undoubtedly one of the most controversial French indie bands of the century, the electro rock combo TAMTRUM, offer their final release in which they summarize 9 years of noise aggression, 9 years of music debauchery, 9 years of perversity on the road throughout Europe (over 125 concerts in a dozen of countries!), 9 years of profound symbiosis with their faithful fanbase and sexy groupies…

A beautiful condensed retrospective of TAMTRUM's history including not only an astounding live DVD recording of their farewell tour recorded with some 8 different camera's in Paris, but also their memorable 30 minute live show at Hellfest in 2010, some video clips as well as a 75 mins. self-filmed "rock-umentary" shot on the road with and by the band members. A crazy, funny and deviant insight in the band's tumultuous life on the road, with its love and its hate moments, TAMTRUM's renown backstage excesses and the internal band clashes…

Alfa Matrix also seized the opportunity of this huge DVD retrospective (more than 3 hours!!!) to compile a 15-track CD compilation gathering the band's highlights, but also a bunch of unreleased songs and rare versions for the ultimate pleasure of all their fans.

While the exclusive "The Ricky Horror Picture Show" (last song ever recorded by the band in the true tradition of their early club hits!), the groovy "Don't Stay Away From Me", the crazy "P.I.G." as well as cover versions of MORBID ANGELS and DEPECHE MODE justify on their own the purchase of this collector anthology, you will also enjoy the fully newly rerecorded versions of the cult songs "Tantrum", "Extazy" and "My Vile Venom" next to other rare songs and remixes…    

Released late May 2014 on Alfa Matrix.

Track Listing CD:
01 The Ricky Horror Picture Show  
02 Tantrum (new version)  
03 Don’t stay away from Me
04 My vile Venom (Casanova Mix)  
05 P.I.G.  
06 La Menthe vénéneuse  
07 Extazy (new version)
08 Le Son de le Pluie (2k6 Mix)  
09 Chronic Lies  
10 In this cold terrific Room
11 Personal Jesus (DEPECHE MODE Cover)  
12 I am Morbid (MORBID ANGEL Cover)
13 Under the Sign of the Angel Dust  
14 Le Son de la Pluie (Fils de Pute Remix by GRENDEL)
15 My Fall (STILLIFE Remix)
DVD (over 3 hours of Tamtrum!):
Live Concert in Paris – France (27 Sept 2012) – 75 min:
01 Le Son de la Pluie 02 Tantrum
03 Pervert Inc.
04 Swallow the Life
05 Paranoaik, Hypokondriak & Toxicomaniac
06 Under the Sign of the Angel Dust
07 Ass Rider
08 Fu*k You I’m drunk
09 Milky Boy
10 0.Killed
11 My Fall
12 Abort the Pope
13 Datura Dream
14 The World you Live in (feat. THE CNK)
Live concert at Hellfest in 2010 – 30 min:
01 Paranoaik, Hypokondriak & Toxicomaniac
02 Abort the Pope
03 Swallow the Life
04 Fu*k You I’m drunk
05 Datura Dream
06 The World you live in
+ Pervert Inc.(video clip)
+ Rockumentary – 75 mins: shot backstage on the road with and by the band members
throughout 2005 to 2012. (Russia, Sweden (Arvika fest), Belgium, Switzerland, etc.
+ extensive photo gallery

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