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Within and Beyond: Prepare for a manifesto of expressionist ideas, with Talvekoidik taking his agenda even further than on his previous albums, which already embraced a much-regarded eclectic approach. Electronic-based tracks originating from unconventional sound design are used to paint soundscapes oscillating between plausible and unreal, tangible and abstract.

A work of beauty, a picture of the “Within”, extended over two discs with the second presenting re-recordings and remixes by Talvekoidik himself and prolific guests providing some unexpected diversion, the peek “Beyond”.

Released Early May 2019 by Hands Productions

Track Listing:
01. A Glimpse of Tranquility  
02. Stones roll down the Streambed  
03. Set Sail to Gotland
04. On a rainy Day you'll understand  
05. Jasmund  
06. The Storm paints with Waves and Clouds
07. Out of Place  
08. In November  
09. The Forest behind the Cliff Line  
10. Breathe with Relie
01. Such a perfect Day - Bristol Mix  
02. Rising the Tension - SubtractiveLAD Remix
03. The Möbius Strip – Version  
04. Nordlicht - Leitmotiv Rainbow Remix  
05. Atlas - Version
06. Silent Reflections - Full Circle Mix  
07. Unreal Yearning - Ein Profil Remix
08. The Tree knows a Secret - The Story Mix feat. Infienity  
09. Thats My Desire - Edgey Remix
10. The Cliff - Version

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